GetLiker Privacy Policy

1. SMMaster is a Italian company, is a registered trademark of Oranglink – Business Ventures..

2. The terms “we” “the company” or “SOCIAL MASTER” refers to SMMASTER. The terms “you” “yours” “the client” or “the customer” refers to any individual, or corporate entity, that accepts the services of the company.

3. The company provides the services in the terms stated in this document.

4. The acceptance of the services by the client indicates that he/she/it has read and has all the knowledge of the terms described here and the customer has understood it.

5. Some or all of the proposed terms may change partially or totally, following an agreement between the company and the client.

6. We give the guarantee of 100% compliance with our services, as long as the client provides (through the channels of communication and payment methods that the company has established or will establish) all the instructions, payments and material in a fast, clear and accurate manner.

7. The service provided by the company to the client will be suspended and may be canceled, when the client provides false or incomplete information, in the payment method.

8. The service will be suspended and canceled when the client attempts to sabotage, hinder, or damage the proper functioning of our web platform using reverse engineering techniques or services, malicious codes, social engineering, unauthorized cookies or any other electronic or physical technique that damages the social and economic interests of the company.

9. We reserve the right not refund.

10. The client agrees not to use our service for malicious acts; otherwise we can act legally according to the laws being in the ITALY; all litigation will be presented in the Italy court.

11. The refund policy of the company is within 3 days after having contracted the service.

12. The client agrees to make the total payments for the services acquired, through the options provided by the company.

13. We are not responsible for a wrong payment, or error made by the client.

14. The service packages offered by the company are indivisible and non-negotiable with its components. The client waives the obtaining of discounts for the contribution of hosting or other elements. The established price must be paid in full including the expenses generated by collection concept; necessary interventions for various tasks migrate and release the service.

15. The client accepts and will be responsible to fulfill punctually the payment periods established between both parties (if exists payments periods or multiple payments).

16. You accept the additional charges and surcharges provided in our service plans.

17. You waive the discounts and bonuses (if any) offered in our plans when you fail the payment or payments on the established dates and established payment methods.

18. The customer agrees to voluntarily provide all the data requested by the company for the correct opening and operation of his account on our platform (data may be: email, full name, address, payment methods and any other data requested by the company).

19. The provision of services will be canceled if the client uses our service for:

a) Promote illegal content or that promotes, encourages or sponsors illegal activities.

b) Promote content that encourages child abuse (physical, sexual, psychological, etc.).

c) Promote content that encourages violence towards people or animals.

d) Distribute malicious software.

e) Distribute content that promotes gender violence, racism, xenophobia or other types of discrimination.

f) Content that reports false testimony, misleading language or malicious claims towards smmaster.

g) Distribute content that encourages or promotes child pornography.

20. The client is committed to maintaining constant and true communication (if required by the company) through the channels that we have established and enabled in our web platform.

For any questions, comments, clarifications or information our email is: